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Universal CableTether Prevents Pickpockets

We'd like to highlight how one of our creative customers used a custom length Universal CableTether to limit pickpockets. The length of the cable was also designed to prevent the smart phone from hitting the ground if accidentally dropped.

We truly appreciate seeing the innovate applications!

Universal CableTether - Prevents Pickpockets

Finally! My phone case has a narrower opening for lanyard so I added a key ring (not required for this one). Plan on using in Europe to prevent pickpocket. Also adjusted length so if dropped just misses ground! We plan on keeping our theft resistant bags on at all times! Hoping this works.

Thanks again for your great product which ‘just' fit through hole in base of little carabiner. Could have worked with any carabiner, but this one prevents cable slipping off!


Universal CableTether - Be a Tech Hero. Made in the USA


RECEIVE 15% OFF Write us a quick store on how our cable tethers saved the day & include a picture.

We’ll give the option of being featured on our blog & send you a promo/discount/coupon code that can be applied right away toward your cable tether purchase.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us @ Whether it finally kept those display adapters from walking in the conference room or Go-Pro tethered during your last adventure, we’d love to hear from you!


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