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TetherClamp - Reusable Security Tether Cable

TetherClamp - Universal Cable Tether | Re-usable

We are excited to release our newest product the TetherClamp!

You asked & we listened. The reusable TetherClamp is now available. This TetherClamp allows you to make secured tethers that can be reused, saving your company time and money. All the same use cases as before, but now reusable!

Made from extremely durable, polished, anodized billet aluminum for an extremely sleek finish and durable for the harshest of environments. Two right sized grub screws secure your peripherals to set-and-forget!

Need to make a change down the road? No problem. Using the provided Allen wrench easily remove your peripheral and lock it down when finished. Simple to install and tool is included. Loop the wire at the end, feed through the body, and fasten the grub screws with the included tool.

Still comes with the same quality wire as with all the products, the best. Rated to 270 lbs & vinyl coated to product. Also comes with 14" precut wires compared to our competitors only giving you 12" or less.

Check out the TetherClamp today, and be a tech hero!


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