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Product Display Tethers

Universal CableTether is playing an important role in the world of point of purchase business displays. Display companies have taken advantage of the secure reliability Universal CableTethers offer. Whether you have a floor, wall, or shelf display, Universal CableTether is key in helping to safely and securely showcase your merchandise. Our cable tethers are a sensible addition to any display piece when companies are looking to meet their merchandising objectives for their consumers.

Universal CableTether has helped a large auto parts manufacturer by securing parts manuals to thousands of store displays. Customers can easily reference the manuals tethered to the

display, which allows the company to effectively share information on products they are looking to market. We can give you the same solution!

If you have a product manual, instruction booklet or item to be put on display and want to be sure it stays in place, our cables are your answer. Universal CableTether is compatible with numerous types of displays to secure the products companies wish to exhibit. You can be certain our tethers ensure the products being displayed stay in place. We use aircraft-grade

cable made in the U.S. that is rated up to 300 lbs. Our tethers come in a standard 14" cable, however, customs lengths are also available. Universal Cable Tethers can be designed for your exact display needs. Let us know the length, circumference and quantity and chances are we can deliver. Start Your Custom Order Today - Click Here


Universal CableTether is proudly made with quality US parts and assembled by a US military veteran. We use the strongest cable tether on the market, rated up to 270 lbs. of force and fully tamper-resistant. Universal CableTether is your solution for your every tether need!

Universal CableTether - Be a Tech Hero

Made in the USA


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