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Tethers to the Rescue

We'd like to share a recent review by a large Canadian company. Thanks for sharing!

In a world with multiple video adapters, society has descended to hoarding adapters. In an effort to bring equality and peace to the stockpiling our company has implemented the usage of cable tethers.

With over 1,000 employees over 7 floors and over 60 conference rooms, these tethers are the last line in ensuring all employees can present and share their screen either in meetings or video conferences with other sites all over the world. No matter the connection, these tethers will secure them. Recently the emergence of a type C has caused great concern in the office, introducing yet another "standard", our company looks forward to calling upon the tensile strength of the tethers to ensure these new adapters will not be lost to the primal instinct of adapter hoarding. Society will prevail. Thank you and good night.

Universal Cable Tethers Review - Canada


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