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Design a Cable Tether.

Full length Cable Tether Pre-Assembled

Crimped Cable Tethers Custom Order Loops

We have manufactured thousands of custom cables to large companies and individuals around the world using specialized equipment the guarantees professional results. Describe what you need and there's a good chance we can deliver. We’ve done it all. Everything from helping our customers secure purses while on travel, to ride share companies securing keys to the ignition, to tethers for a retail product displays at your favorite department store. We are a small company that strives to deliver excellent results every time. We only manufacture tethers with the highest quality nylon cable out there, manufactured right in the U.S. Our standard cable has a breaking strength of 270lbs!

Cable Tether Bulk Custom Orders Retail

We have machine automated crimpers to secure your tethers in advance, saving you hours of time. Many of our customers opt to have the cables crimped in advance, leaving a very professional and clean look. The outcome is much better than any pliers will do. We can package the product to your needs and can provide standard methods, including labeling and instructions. All orders are pre-assembled and shipped same or next day, in most cases. Large orders can take extra time, but we deliver on all commitments. Our products are American made, processed, and assembled by a U.S. Veteran.

*Please keep in mind the circumference of what you are going around when ordering the cable length.

Submit your custom design: click here

Cable Tether Product Sample Custom Order

Check out a sample custom order cable tether order on the right.

Universal CableTether

Custom Order Cable Tethers.

Design a Cable Tether.


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