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Top 10 Uses for Cable Tethers

Top 10 Uses for Cable Tethers
Top 10 Uses for Cable Tethers

Universal CableTether is the trusted, quick and effective solution for securing tech gear for the office, conference room or classroom setting. However, the tech hero tactics don’t stop there. There are other ways Universal CableTethers have protected various company and personal assets. Save your money and peace of mind with us!

Several companies and individuals circling the world have experienced proven successes for many other uses! Here's the Top 10 Uses for Cable Tethers direct from our customers.

1. Secure adapters, cables or any power cords This is one of the most popular use cases. Countless IT professional around the globe trust our tethers to protect their valuable assets from walking out of shared workspaces & conference rooms.

3. Secure Go Pro lanyards or any lanyards with valuable equipment attached

You can have peace of mind on your next adventure knowing the tethers are protecting your valuables.

4. Secure flash drives

Those little flash drives disappear way too easy. Countless companies solved this problem by using our cable tether ensuring the flash drive is available when needed.

5. Hang heavy wall décor Our cable tethers have been chosen by artists around the world to hang and secure valuable wall décor to walls and ceilings.

6. Create durable key chain

7. Child-proof household items Keep little ones safe by preventing access to any harmful household items

8. Organizing and bundling tools or numerous belongings

Let Universal CableTethers help keep you organized and store multiple items securely and orderly in one place.

9. Secure zipper or luggage closures when traveling Take some of the stress out of traveling by using our cable tether to prevent theft or accidental losses when you embark on your next trip

10. Protect any computer peripheral Save you and/or your company money by safeguarding valuable cables and equipment

Universal CableTether is proudly made with quality US parts and assembled by a US military veteran. We use the strongest cable tether on the market, rated up to 270 lbs. of force and fully tamper resistant. Universal CableTether is your solution for your every tether need!

Universal CableTether - Be a Tech Hero

Made in the USA


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