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Helping to Secure a Global Car-Share Company

We are excited to share another inspiring story of how a creative car-sharing company is utilizing the Universal CableTether to secure their fleet. The company has over a million members across 500 cities in 9 countries. The tethers are used to secure the key to the car.

Key Tether - Secures Key for Car Share Company

"As a car-sharing company, we have self-service vehicles available 24/7. Access to each car is controlled by membership card or mobile app, while the car key is kept inside. When a key is removed from a vehicle, it can't be used until it is returned or a replacement is purchased. By using these cable tethers to secure the key inside, we are able to decrease downtime and ensure that all of our members have a more positive and consistent experience. The tethers are strong, yet flexible, and offer a clean, functional look. We greatly appreciate the additional security provided by this product."


RECEIVE 15% OFF Write us a quick store on how our cable tethers saved the day & include a picture.

We’ll give the option of being featured on our blog & send you a promo/discount/coupon code that can be applied right away toward your cable tether purchase.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us @ Whether it finally kept those display adapters from walking in the conference room or Go-Pro tethered during your last adventure, we’d love to hear from you!

Universal CableTether - Be a Tech Hero. Made in the USA


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