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About Universal CableTether

Do you have problems with conference room adapters disappearing? We share your frustration and know the feeling of walking into a meeting on time just to spend another 10 minutes getting everything connected because components are not where they should be. This frustration has led us to design the best cable tether on the market, period. The Universal Cable Tether is designed with aircraft grade braided wire with a protective vinyl coat to ensure it keeps the components and you safe. We didn’t compromise on the wire or sleeve, its literally the best out there. Our tethers measure 14” to give you that extra flexibility needed in a lot of scenarios.

The installation process is pain free and literally only takes 15 seconds. The Universal Cable Tether is trusted my hundreds of large/small companies & government agencies around the world. We sell thousands of cables to new and existing customers every year. Just remember we are always available for support via email or phone.

Start saving your company money today and Be a Tech Hero!

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