Trusted by thousands of companies & government agencies around the world. Our industry-leading universal cable tether is the strongest out there, period.


Protect your gear, save the organization money, & be the tech hero!




Save your company money and valuable time with this easy to use & deploy universal cable tether.  Secure at 5-10% the cost of a display adapter replacement.  A fraction of the cost of the LockIt Cable Adapter Tether.


Takes just seconds to install with basic pliers, no assembly required.  And no, you don't have to be a ninja.  See our support page for instructions.


Trusted by hundreds of large companies and government agencies around the world to protect their company assets from theft & accidents.  We don't disclose their names, but you would recognize.


Strongest cable tether on the market.  Rated up to ~270 lbs of force.  Tamper resistant.  Good luck trying to break it.


Proudly assembled by a retired military veteran with quality parts that are made in the USA.  It's important to us.  Shipping from the US via Priority mail and typically same day.


Full adjustable, works with all different types of display adapters, Mac adapters, create key-chains, conference room equipment, and more!



Extremely flexible & fully adjustable to accommodate anything you throw at it.  Our universal tether cable is built for flexibility.

Sleek aluminum sleeve when crimped is stronger than the cable.  Comes pre-assembled with two sleeves per cable.  Thieves don't stand a chance.

Aircraft grade cable made in the US.  Rated up to ~300 lbs.  Standard 14" cable (custom lengths available).  We don't offer "cheaper" versions of our cable, only the best.

Cable is coated with high-quality nylon to protect you and the gear.  Nylon is much harder than vinyl.  Its also better with abrasion, impact, and fatigue resistant.   Tether with our cable & worry no more.

CableTether.com Cable Tether
CableTether Install Cable Tether with Pliers


Extremely easy & fast to install.  Our universal cable tether comes pre-assembled (no assembly required) and can be installed with standard pliers in under 15 seconds.  Tether and Forget!

Design your own cable tether.

CableTether.com Cabe Tether Custom Length

We have manufactured thousands of custom cables to large companies and individuals just like you around the world using specialized equipment the guarantees professional results.  Describe what you need and there's a good chance we can deliver.  All orders are pre-assembled & shipped same or next day in most cases.

Submit your custom design below.


Finally! My phone case has a narrower opening for lanyard so I added a key ring (not required for this one). Plan on using in Europe to prevent pickpocket. Also adjusted length so if dropped just misses ground! We plan on keeping our theft resistant bags on at all times! Hoping this works.


Thanks again for your great product which ‘just' fit through the hole in the base of little carabiner.  Could have worked with any carabiner, but this one prevents cable slipping off! 


Using CableTether products has brought us peace of mind, knowing that our very expensive hardware is safe and secured. It's worth every penny!

Alexandre H

As a car-sharing company, we have self-service vehicles available 24/7. Access to each car is controlled by membership card or mobile app, while the car key is kept inside. When a key is removed from a vehicle, it can't be used until it is returned or a replacement is purchased. By using these cable tethers to secure the key inside, we are able to decrease downtime and ensure that all of our members have a more positive and consistent experience. The tethers are strong, yet flexible, and offer a clean, functional look. We greatly appreciate the additional security provided by this product.

Car-Share Company

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