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We are looking for everyday stories on how our universal cable tether has saved your organization money and made you an IT Hero! Choose one of the options below and send to

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Write us a quick story on how our cable tethers saved the day.

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Write us a quick store on how our cable tethers saved the day & include a picture.

We’ll give the option of being featured on our blog & send you a promo/discount/coupon code that can be applied right away toward your cable tether purchase.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us @ Whether it finally kept those display adapters from walking in the conference room or Go-Pro tethered during your last adventure, we’d love to hear from you!

Very impressed with this product, simple to use and great value. It works flawlessly in multiple conference rooms. No longer need to worry about display adapters getting stolen or accidentally removed. Very easy to use, just loop and crimp with pliers. Cables are fully adjustable for different diameter of wires. The wire is coated with a clear rubber/vinyl that makes them soft to touch and won’t scratch equipment. It’s a versatile product that I’m thinking about using with my GoPro.


Let's face it. People take adapters when they shouldn't with the best of intentions to bring them back. But they never bring them back.

These were simple to install and definitely send the message that the adapters are NOT for taking (unless you bring wire cutters routinely to meeting rooms).

We used them to secure HDMI cables to portable TV carts and then secure adapters to the end of those cables. So far they are working great. Especially if you are going to get Apple Lightning to HDMI adapters which run $40 each; you don't want those wandering off.


Exactly what I was looking for. Less expensive than other versions I found, and they work perfectly. Installation is easy with a simple pair of pliers.

D. Glasser

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